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Paul Harris, Founder of Rotary

In a letter to President D. C. Ghosh in 1932

I wonder if you would be surprised to learn that my thoughts are more frequently centered on the Rotary Club of Calcutta than on any other club of the Orient.

Frank Devlyn, RI President 2000-01, Mexico City, Mexico

Rotary Sadan, 17-Dec-1999

I congratulate all the Calcutta Rotary family for giving life to all the great Rotary clubs in India - you have done many projects to help the community of Calcutta but your most important work has been your giving life to so many wonderful clubs in the country of India. Continue in your good work.

Gloria Rita Devlyn

Congratulations in your good Rotary work. you are an example to the Rotarians of the world. May God continue to bless you.

Carlo Ravizza, RI President 1999-2000, Milano, Italy

Rotary Sadan, 10-Dec-1998

A special day, the day of my 73rd Birthday, Sincere congratulations for maintaining this wonderful facility (judged by an architect

Luis Giay, RI President 1996-97, Arrefi,Argentina

Rotary Sadan, 8 Dec 1998

My sincere congratulations to the Rotary Club of Calcutta for its outstanding Rotary Service.

Robert Barth, RI President 1993-94, One Rotary Centre, Evanston

Rotary Sadan, 9 January 1994

Happy to be with you today.

Kalyan Banerjee, RI Director, Vapi

Rotary Sadan, 30 May 1997

In all my years in Rotary, I have never seen anything like this Rotary Sadan. It is a magnificent conception, with superb execution and obviously great utilisation. It makes me proud to be a Rotarian and Calcuttan Keep up the great work. Congratulations.

and Calcuttan Keep up the great work. Congratulations.

MK Panduranga Shetty, RI Director, 19 Platform Road, Bangalore-20

Rotary Sadan, 9 Jan 1994

Most interesting project which is historical.

Ramesh Pai, RI Director, Chitrakala, Manipal

Rotary Sadan, 9 Jan 1994

Wonderful Project

Julio Sorjus, RI Director, Barcelona, Spain

Rotary Sadan, 10-Dec-1998

I am in awe with the Indian Rotarians service above self commitment. Particularly with the Rotary Club of Calcutta.

O. P. Vaish RI Director 1999-2001

Rotary Sadan, 17-Dec-1999

Rotary Sadan shows the vision, foresight and concern of Rotarians of Rotary Club of Calcutta. they are a vibrant club, equally concerned with the history of Rotary in India which began with this club. God Bless