Nitish Laharry: RI President 1962-63
 /  Nitish Laharry

RI President 1962-63

Kindle the Spark Within - the power that lights the path to service

1892  Year of Birth
1926  joined the Rotary Club of Calcutta on 8th April
1926  joined the Rotary Club of Calcutta on 8th April
1926  Member and Secretary of the Rotary Club of Calcutta
1932  Member; International Service Committee of R. I.
1935  Joined Rotary Club of Bombay India
1939  Rejoined Rotary Club of Calcutta
1944-45    President,Rotary Club of Calcutta
1944-45    Governor; Dist. 90 (as W. Buchan, Dist. Governor resigned)
1945-46    Governor; Dist. 90
1946-47    Governor; Dist. 90
1947-48    Member; Aims & Objects Committee of RI.
1953-54    Second Vice-President of R.I.; member of Nominatinq.Cornrnittee for President R.I.
1955-56    Rotary Information Counsellor
1958  Chairman, Asia Regional Conference
1959-61    Member RI. Organisation and Procedures Committee
1961-62    Director and President - Elect of RI.; Member of the Executive) Committee of the Territorial Unit Form of Administration Committee
1962-63    President of R.I., Padma Bhushan, India; Order of Merit-Chile, France, UAR.; Doctor of Humane Letters-California College of' Medicine; Doctor of Law-Baylor University in Macao, Texas.
1964 Deceased on 21 .7. 1964