President's Collar
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In 1927 the President's Chain of Office was presented to the Club by Rotarian J.H. Simpson.
Every President of the Rotary Club of Calcutta wears this emblem on the Presidential collar, while conducting regular club meetings. Uneasy lies the neck that wears the collar - for it is stringed with bits of solid silver with the name of each of the past-presidents inscribed on them. The emblem itself depicts in red, the Rotary motto, "Service Above Self". Below is a crown reminiscent of the British legacy of 191 9. Two adjutant storks, typical of the Gangetic plains stand guard on either side. Inside are two green palm trees commonly found in these parts and in between is the British Lion insignia in red. Below it is a sailing ship which connected Calcutta with distant shores. At the bottom is the Presidential motto inscribed in Latin, "Per Ardua Stabiles Esto" (Be firm in adversity).
Our emblem bears an uncanny resemblance with the former emblem of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation.

The first Emblem of the Calcutta Municipal Corporation came into existence in 1896. It represented two Adjutant Birds holding in their beaks serpents and carrying a Crown on their shoulders.
The new emblem of the corporation representing the new aspirations of the city was adopted on 22 February 1961.