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Eye Check-up Camp & Book Distribution at RCC SCIR

After the success attained at the Dental Check-up Camp held on 12th Aug, RC Calcutta organised a Eye Health Check Camp at RCC SCIR on 19th Aug. The camp was set up by Sk AbulKalam’s City Optics who had regularly assisted in the past in organising similar eye camps at our RCC connected schools. Three opthalmists, namely Dr. Imam, R.Saha and S K Saha manned the desk, while the team from RC Calcutta comprising of Atin Sen, Ashok Basu (banker) and Amit Ghosh supervised the operation of the camp throughout. A total of 175 students of the primary school, vocation course students and teachers, had their eyes tested, and 19 school children were prescribed spectacles, which RC Calcutta will arrange for free supply.

Similar to the earlier experience at The Refuge, RC Calcutta distributed children’s story books to students from class 1 to 5, once they completed their eye tests and while exiting the camp. The girls of Class 5, referred to as “senior girls”, expressed their thanks in receiving this unexpected gift in an unique way, by reciting a recently learned poem, in chorus. The gesture was very much appreciated.