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Interactors /School children debate on the motion ‘Demonetization- a reckless move’

On Saturday 17th December , 2016 , a debate was organized at 10 am at Rotary Sadan by the Rotary Club Of Calcutta in conjunction with Rotaract Club of Calcutta on the happening motion “Demonetization- a reckless move?”. The participants were Interactors from various schools as well as school children who were non-Interactors but proficient in debating. The schools which were represented were as follows :
1) St. John’s Diocesan
2) Nava Nalanda
3) St. Joseph and Mary’s School
4) Maheshwari Girls
5) Vidyanjali International
6) Sri Shikshayatan
7) Silver Point High School
8) Calcutta Boys School

The speakers for the motion were eight in number and the other side had seven . It was spirited , well-informed and passionate debate which brought out the following points:

For the Motion

a) Poor implementation post announcement on November 8th
b) Inadequate digitization
c) Inadequate literacy for population across India to go cashless
d) Discovery of new notes in various places shows that corruption is up and running
e) Inefficient banking system
f) Blow on the fundamental rights of people against democracy

Against the Motion

a) Long- term benefit inspite of short-term pains
b) For the moment , fake notes decimated
c) Terrorism and the terror funds under severe pressure
d) Tax revenue will have a long-term benefit which can be used for the welfare of the people.
e) Bad habits emerging from cash (bribe, hawala etc) will disappear
f) It will level the playing field and merit will be the key deciding factor

It was exciting to note that boys and girls of 16/17/18 years were so well-informed , articulate and wore their hearts on their sleeves when they argued their point. In rebuttal , the team leaders sparkled with logic and humor that kept the audience enthralled. For the record , the team against the motion were voted to have won the debate by show of hands of the audience. But in reality , the winner were all the debaters as they displayed their intelligence and articulation. From the team who supported the motion , the best debater was Shruti Rai(Maheshwari Girls) and from the team against the motion , it was Anshika Arora(Sri Shikshayatan). The judges in this case were Rtn. Srirupa Dasgupta and DRR Rtr . Srijeeta Neogy. Both the president Nilima Joshi of RC Calcutta and District Head of Interactors Rtn. Prabha Binani graced the occasion as well as addressed the gathering. The moderator was Rtn. S. D. Mookerjea , chair of the Youth and Literacy Committee of RC Calcutta and the timekeeping was done by Rtr. Abhishek Saraf of Rotaract Club of Calcutta.
The event could not have been possible without robust support of Rotaract Club Of Calcutta and especially their president Rtr. Sayantonee Maitra who displayed her leadership and organizing skills in stitching together the participants in spite of occasional obstacles of school exams and other preoccupations of the potential schools.