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Blood Donation Camp at RCC Duttapukur

Venue: Samabata Sangha, Duttapukur

Date: 20th Jan, 2017

Time: 10.00 AM

RCC Duttapukur, Samabata Sangha, organised its annual Blood Donation Camp at its premises on 20th Jan, 2017. A team RC Calcutta led by Rtn Raj Agarwal, Hony Secretary, and comprising of Amit Ghosh, Atin Sen and Shymal Mitra, alongwith Saumen Ray, were present for the occasion and inaugurated the blood donation process. RC Calcutta supports these camps organised by its RCCs by making certain ad-hoc donations only to mitigate part of the expenses incurred in giving tiffin & refreshments to the Donors, post the blood donation. It was observed that RCC Duttapukur had given wide publicity to the Camp well in advance with local bodies and Gram Panchayt personnel attending; camp set up was well organised and orderly;

with continuous encouragement through the public address system to the general public regarding importance of the donated blood serving critical surgery patients, servicing regular blood infusion for Thalassemia patients, and other cases of blood transfusion. The Blood Bank of R G Kar Medical Hospital were engaged in collecting the donated blood, and the team from RG Kar was led by the blood bank’s Medical Officer, and supported by 4 assistants who were performing the routine pre-checks & recording of patients’ BP, BS and general health, and 3 technicians who were engaged in collection of the blood. The overall approach was professional and commendable. Once the blood donation commenced, Raj Agarwal, Hony Secretary handed over RC Calcutta’s contribution by a cheque (for Rs 3,500/-) to Mr Subrata Das, Secretary of Samabata Sangha. A total of 71 donors donated blood at the Camp on that day.

[ Reported by Amit Ghosh ]